the world’s biggest aquarium

World-famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau didn’t call the Sea of Cortes ‘the world’s biggest aquarium’ for nothing.

Just off Mexico’s west coast, it’s a melting pot of sea-life from the small to the enormous. In March 2009 experts are believed to have found a 60 foot shark here known as a Megolodon, previously believed to be extinct (thankfully we didn’t bump into him). Whale watching in this area is amazing, with Humpback, California Gray, Killer, Sperm and Blue all doing the rounds. Leatherback turtles and giant manta rays often make an appearance too. And what better way to see them than from the deck of the luxury Turkish Gullet (that’s a traditional wooden schooner to you and me).

get your sea legs

This adventure really begins when you board your schooner; the Baja California coastline and the legendary sea of Cortes awaits. Spend the next three days whale-watching, kayaking and snorkeling the clear, wildlife-filled waters. When it’s time to dry off, relax on deck admiring the stunning sunsets, sipping fine wines served by your deck hands. Have dinner on deck or on a remote beach for the ultimate romantic experience.

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land ahoy

After you’ve gained your sea legs, it’s time to head back to dry land and back to our favourite boutique hotel, the Hotel Posada de las Flores. For more adventures, head off to the UNESCO protected Isla Espíritu Santo for a day of kayaking and exploring on land. Stroll what has been voted one of the best beaches in the world, for its turquoise waters, soft white bays and unique ecosystems. Keep your eyes peeled for blacktailed jack rabbits, squirrels and over 500 species of fish in the coral-filled waters just off shore. Bliss.

After all this you’ll return home knowledgeable and relaxed (and, of course, with unbelievable photos) after what is probably the most luxurious biology lesson on earth.