Surrounded by rolling sand dunes, deep canyons and a desert of wonderful silence, the Atta Saharan Camp is a unique desert camping experience. With just 10 tented suites, this environmentally friendly eco camp has combined the ancient architectural techniques of the Berbers with modern comfort and luxury. There are plenty of desert-based activities in the area. After enjoying a delicious Moroccan tagine in the spacious, luxurious communal tent, you must sit out in the desert: you will never have felt so close to the stars.


Deep in the heart of the Ait Alla tribe territory in the famous Sahara desert, southern Morocco Atta Saharan Camp is 6 hours drive from the town of Ouarzazate. Sublimely beautiful, this is the desert at its best.

Your room

Each of the tented suites is spacious and comfortable with thick canvas walls, colourful rugs covering the floors, and huge beds. The tents are lit by decorative Moroccan style lamps giving them a warm, magical ambience. Snuggle up beneath thick bed covers and bright blankets on chilly desert nights, or lounge on natural rattan chairs and enjoy the tranquillity. There is a separate bathroom and shower tent, set apart from the main camping area, which provides fully modern amenities, including hot water.

Why we like it

We love rummaging through the big chest library in the lounge and heading off to our suite to curl up on the big beds with a book about traditional Berber cultures and tribes.