Modern Movements & Luxury Living in Jordan

On this seven night trip you’ll soak in the glory of the ancient world as well as get a taste for the luxury that modern-day Jordan so expertly provides. From private cooking class to world-class spa to insightful art-galleries; its time you discovered Jordan in style.


Arrive in Amman and you’ll be greeted by colourful souks, elegant mosques and the famous citadel where you can have a peek at the temple of Hercules. Alongside these ancient allures you’ll also discover chic restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and rooftop cocktail bars. We’ll arrange for a private guide to help you get your bearings, and then you’re free to discover this fast-paced, cosmopolitan city. The Jabal Al-Weibdeh quarter of the city is a particularly good example of how Amman is gracefully modernising itself. Brimming with galleries, parks and restaurants, wandering these streets in a true pleasure.

Once you’ve had a few days to settle in and explore the delights of Amman, it’ll be time to move on, but not before you enjoy an exclusive cooking class to learn the ins and outs of Jordanian cuisine. Get stuck in to traditional dishes at breakfast, lunch or dinner classes, including favourites like Hummus and Muhamara, a hot pepper dip, Moutabal, a roasted, pureed potato or eggplant dish, and Kibbeh Maaliyeh, a minced meat dish.

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There’s enough to see in Jordan to keep you driving around the desert all week, but that would never do. There’ll be five star hotels waiting for you at the end of every day where you can empty the sand out of your pockets, take a swim or just relax with a gourmet supper. And for a little bit of authenticity, we’d recommend a night in the traditional Wadi Rum Luxury Desert Camp, where you can relax under the stars like a real Bedouin…albeit a very spoilt one. It’s also a rare chance to meet some of the last remaining, fully nomadic Berbers in the area. They will be all too happy to invite you into their camp to share stories of desert perseverance over a cup of steaming hot sweet tea.


Your next port of call is the craggy landscapes of Shobak Castle, from where you’ll find the final destination: Petra. Hidden behind an almost impenetrable barrier of rocky mountains, this majestic, rose-coloured city has enthralled visitors for centuries. Wander around the incredible carved stone architecture to your heart’s content and get acquainted with the immense Al Deir monastery and the stunning Al Khazneh (the treasury).


End your trip of discovery with a well-deserved mini pilgrimage to the Dead Sea for a spot of floatation and some wind-down pampering at the superb Kempinski Hotel Ishtar. The spa treatments you’ll enjoy here epitomise the luxury experience, and there’s no doubt you’ll fly home with tales not simply of Jordan’s ancient wonders, but of its stunning modern development too.

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