Homeworking has its benefits – but looking out at the same view every day is not one.  

Travel has always been a great source of inspiration, both in our personal and professional lives. It can have a truly transformative effect and so, it’s little wonder that, when we find ourselves working from home, our minds often go to the views we’d rather be looking out over. Many of us have long dreamed of working remotely from a snow-capped cabin in the Norwegian fjords or an open-sided villa on the beaches of Bali. We’re here to take you to that cabin (it’s in Hamnøy, if you’re wondering). 

Making the most of private villas and homes across the world, we can arrange long-term rentals which truly give you an opportunity to step back and redefine your working lifestyle. We’ll also make sure you have everything you might need to support your new remote working set up – plus a few extras to ensure you’re still able to make the most of your destination. 


What would you like to know?

Here's how to work remotely - whilst making the most of your destination

Where would you recommend for somewhere to work remotely?

Every corner of the world brings with it a different sense of inspiration – so, ask yourself what you are looking for. In the world of design, Morocco has always stood out for us. Likewise, Iceland for entrepreneurship and Ibiza for wellness. Sometimes it’s the sense of escapism that inspires us most, in that case, private islands in the Indian Ocean and private estancias in the wilds of Patagonia have done the job for us.  

Are you able to plan for my family whilst I’m at work?

No matter where you decide to set up office or how long for, we can ensure that everyone in your party is catered for. Whether that means roping in a private tutor for the children or sending them out white water rafting, we’ll make sure they’re having an experience of their own too. We’ll also cater for any experiences you may wish to enjoy. After all, a more relaxed schedule should be one of the joys of working remotely. 

I want to spend some time working abroad but need staff on hand so I can really focus, can you help?

Whether you’d prefer to bring your own staff or work with staff local to your destination, we can help. From private chefs to personal trainers, we’ll ensure you can spend the time you need to, focusing on your work. For more information on how we can help with private staff, see here.


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