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Yesterday, today, always.

The world is opening, and you’re ready to travel. But you want reassurance that you, your trip and your booking will be safe. We’d expect just the same. That’s why we’ve scoured the entirety of our service to make sure that it offers you real, meaningful protection, and that you can finally get that much-delayed suntan – whether you want to go right away or to plan something huge for next year.

So, let’s dive in.


What does ‘confidence’ really mean?

There’s a lot of jargon about ‘confidence’ flying around. Sometimes helpful, often not. For us, it’s simple: we looked at the whole of our service and all our trusted local partners to make sure that we are happy with how everything looks. Would we be satisfied? Would we feel reassured? Would we feel safe?

(The answers are: yes, yes and yes).

But while things are now opening-up, it’s only natural to feel wary – and to seek reassurance. So, when we say ‘confidence’ we mean we’ve checked our local partners to make sure they follow careful Covid-19 guidelines. We mean we’ve worked to make your journey as straightforward, as painless and as private as possible. It means you can be confident in us – in real people who love travel. And it means we’ve created new services to provide you with additional privacy and genuine remoteness. Avoiding crowds. Avoiding queues. Staying away from where the others go.

But it also means that we’ve extended our normal Terms & Conditions beyond what we’ve offered in the past.

Go today, go tomorrow, go next year.  We’re here.

Whether you want to book an escape for right away or for the close of next year, we can arrange it – even turning trips around in a matter of hours. Just let us know when and where you want to go, and we’ll do the rest.


The more things change

We know how it feels – you want to get away, but the news changes almost daily. That’s why our team of travel experts and travel planners are constantly checking the travel landscape. We won’t send you somewhere where there’s a risk you’ll get stuck. We won’t send you when there’s a threat. We’ll choose the quieter way, the more open sky, the remotest place.

Flexible itineraries, guaranteed

When we present you with your quotation — in addition to the deposit terms and payment schedule — we’ll also explain the ways in which we can make your booking flexible. For example:

  • Whether you can postpone your trip to another date and without penalty
  • Whether you can choose to change destinations entirely to another country, or a different route within the same country
  • And whether you can you cancel the booking entirely and apply the deposit paid as a credit paid toward a future trip.

These options will change based on the specifics of your trip, but well always give you transparency around the terms of your proposal. What’s more, before you book, you’ll be clearly presented with terms and conditions for each component to help design an inspiring trip that you’re comfortable and secure with. We’ll be up-front with you throughout.

Keeping things personal


We never charge administrative change fees

The cost to postpone or reroute a trip would only go up if you were travelling at a more expensive time of year, upgrading an element of your trip that had an associated price increase (like a room category) or forfeiting a deposit to a property you no longer wished to visit.

We’ve always prided ourselves on a highly personalised service. We’ll never go quiet on you. We won’t leave you hanging. That’s our promise. And with local contacts spread across the world, there’ll always be someone we know, and trust, close to hand. Wherever you are, and whenever you ask.

Face to Place

Recently, we launched a brand-new video call service, enabling you to plan your trip over video calls. It’s a better and more connected way to plan your time away and it means that you’ll know we’re really here. There are no chat bots. No frustratingly unresponsive email addresses. Just real people with (we think) really winning smiles. Have a look here.

Private Travel

We can offer additional assistance for those seeking it. Private jets, private transfers, and speedy processing through the airport. Ask your Travel Expert and check out our Space + Time service and we’ll see how we can help.

How to Contact Us


Get in touch

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your travel arrangements, please contact your Black Tomato Travel Expert, who will be happy to assist or send any question to, an inbox we are constantly monitoring.

Further information

For any further information or FAQs regarding our response during coronavirus please read our Coronavirus FAQs.

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