This was Alex’s first trip that she booked with us, after being impressed by an article she read about Black Tomato in a magazine. While we were unable to help out with her first request for a last minute trip to Norway due to no availability, we were especially keen to help create something really special for her next request.


Alex wanted to visit India with her friend, before they began some work over there. In similar circumstances to the first enquiry, we had limited time to plan Alex’s trip as she needed to depart within just a few days. There was a tight schedule to adhere to so there was no flexibility – and as this was right in the middle of India’s high season, just before Christmas – finding availability was going to prove quite the challenge. They had specifically requested to see the Himalayas, so this needed to be a key part of the trip, as well as becoming ingratiated in the local culture and experiencing India in a different way to the normal tourist. This was to be an introduction to India like no other


There was no flexibility on the dates due to a work commitment immediately afterwards, so the big challenge here was to find availability in the type of hotels that we would be happy to recommend. Our travel expert Sunil, and the team on the ground, were able to call in some favours from our contacts in India to ensure our clients stayed in some of the finest properties – even managing to find availability in places which were otherwise unavailable online. To make the most of the limited time they had in the country and with the list of things they wanted to see, and we wanted to show them, we arranged for them to fly in helicopters and private jets to not waste any time. They wanted a whirlwind adventure and we gave it to them.

I could not have been more pleased, our trip was incredible start to finish and the help that we had with logistics really made it. Also the guides that we were with were all incredible. Knowledgeable fun and kind. I can’t think of one way in which our trip could have been better unless it had lasted longer!

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