Melanie has been a loyal client to Black Tomato for the last five years. From discovering the culinary delights of Japan, to witnessing nature at its finest in the Galapagos, to cruising around the Indonesian Islands, Melanie and her family have enjoyed several exciting adventures with us across the globe.

We have highlighted one particular trip below that Melanie approached us with a specific request for their next family adventure:


Her daughter was hoping to become a vet and had been planning to study veterinary science at her chosen university. Prior to applying she was required to gain some work experience with a vet, so this became the primary focus of the trip. They wanted to go somewhere that the whole family would enjoy that could also give their daughter some valuable insight at the same time.  


After looking at several options with the team, an Indian safari quickly became a firm favourite. Based at the stunning Sher Bagh luxury camp in Ranthambore National Park, somewhere that is famed for its tiger sightings, the family enjoyed several game drives together, exploring the areas dramatic landscape while dining in the kind of luxury that would have been fit for the Maharaja. On one of the days, we also managed to arrange for the daughter to meet the head of the park, where she learned about the area’s wildlife, the ongoing conservation effort and even accompanied a few of the rangers (who had PHDs on tigers and veterinary science) to try and help preserve India’s dwindling tiger population.

Whenever I have booked a holiday with Black Tomato I know that, not only will it exceed my expectations, but that everything will go perfectly from the smallest detail – In Japan, our seats on the bullet train were selected so that we had an amazing view of Mount Fuji. The guides with us have always been complete experts in their respective fields that pay huge attention to detail. For example, on this trip to India, our guide was a wonderful gentleman who not only knew everything about tigers but had worked with David Attenborough filming them in the wild. On another trip in the Amazon, our guide had lived in the jungle for all his life and was actually able to call the animals to us.

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