Seize the moment in Western Australia

We’ve come up with a great little trip to squeeze onto one of our bespoke Australian itineraries (or alternatively as a quick break for those already ‘down under’). This sojourn is all about experiencing the great outdoors in the exclusive Oongkalkada wilderness camp well off the beaten path, 200 kilometres from Broome in the Aboriginal heart of the Kimberley. We will put you up for three unforgettable nights in this chic tented bolt hole; expect to find soft beds, private balconies and huge outdoor showers. The ‘tents’ (although this name doesn’t do them justice) are spread along the banks of the peaceful Fitzroy river and provide the utmost levels of privacy and tranquillity.

There are so many amazing experiences to be had here we simply couldn’t name them all (you’ll just have to see for yourself) but here’s a little taster for you to tease your travel taste buds.

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Catch and cook

The freshwater prawn catch-and-cook adventure gives you the chance to gather your own bounty of cherubin (shrimps to you and I) before sitting down lakeside for a truly memorable feast. Alternatively, for slightly larger prey, take on the river’s fertile waters and fish for indigenous barramundi. An absolute must during any stay is an off road excursion through Udialla Springs to take in panoramic views of Nyikina country en route to the ancient Aboriginal sacred watering hole, believed to have healing properties. If all this sounds a bit too active then fear not, the fresh water mineral springs that surround your camp are a perfect place for a lazy afternoon in the sun with a book (and ‘tinnie’) in hand.

Outback and beyond

On the final day of your adventure, after a great al fresco breakfast, we will take you on a tour through the lush spring system of Oongkalkada whilst slowly meandering back towards Broome. The final result of your experience?…total relaxation and a spring in your step upon returning to civilization.

Of course if time is on your side, we will happily extend your stay, taking you deeper into the heart of the Kimberley. Travel off road following the Fitzroy River along ancient Aborigine trails to visit the communities of the Edgar and Erskine Ranges.

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