Wilson Island Resort

Situated on a small coral cay forty five miles from mainland Australia, Wilson Island Resort is perfect for that secluded island retreat. It may describe itself as a resort, but what you’ll really find here are six luxury tents spread out along a powder-soft beach. Wilson Island can only accommodate twelve guests at one time, any more would interrupt the turtles. This means that not only are you given impeccable service and attention but you can enjoy the white sand, emerald waters and un-disturbed animals with a sense of total exclusivity. The whole resort is built with local natural materials too, for that extra back-to-nature atmosphere of relaxation.


Wilson Island Resort is located north of the Tropic of Capricorn off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland, and is only accessibly via Heron Island. Take the scenic one hour and forty minute boat ride over the clear waters of the Coral Sea, from Gladstone Marina to Heron Island, or alternatively fly in on helicopter for a short thirty minute hop overlooking stunning tropical waters. Then, catch your forty minute transfer boat to Wilson Island and you’re there. Remote, and well worth the journey.

Your room

There are six permanent tents on Wilson, each with stunning views of the reef and ocean. Keeping with the beachcomber theme, each tent is light and breezy, fitted with raised timber floors and dressed in white linen. You’ll sleep in a kingsize bed: perfect for lazy mornings, and you’ll also find a hammock at the entrance of your tent for drifting off in the afternoons. Wilson is also dedicated to minimising it’s impact on the environment, so conservation of power and fresh water is essential. Bathrooms are located a short stroll away in the central building, where showers, toilets and dressing areas are provided. Don’t worry, this isn’t your standard communal bathroom, every tent is designated a private shower with a minimalist design and hot water is created through solar panels.

Why we like it

Wilson Island Resort doesn’t overburden you with overcomplicated facilities because it simply doesn’t need to. It has the Great Barrier Reef just off its beach for awesome snorkeling, and it is one of the few islands where Green and the endangered Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs, as well as being a stopping ground for Australia’s migrating birds. You can really leave the fast-paced modern day behind and lose your sense of time in this magical resort.

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