Island hopping in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and its surrounding islands offer something completely unique in the competitive world of the Caribbean. A colourful and colonial history, which has resulted in a melting-pot of different cultures, and an undeniable natural beauty, has enabled the country to position itself as one of the most alluring destinations in this stunning part of the world. This itinerary will see you exploring Puerto Rico on and off-shore, as you venture from San Juan to the island of Vieques.

San Juan

Begin your alternative Caribbean adventure in San Juan, where you’ll enjoy the vibes of a city that’s a genuine crowd pleaser. Start by exploring the old town and enjoy its colourful colonial architecture and centuries old pathways. Feeling thirsty? Then head towards the neighbourhood of Santurce, where you’ll find a thriving cosmopolitan scene brimming with up-scale bars and restaurants. Oh, and whilst you’re here, make time for the incredible stretches of white sand beaches that have made this island so famous. Like any city on the sand, San Juan will continue to delight you with a contrast of cosmopolitan luxury and beach-bum vibes. Like we said, San Juan is a definite crowd pleaser.

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From one island to another

Having indulged in the wonders of San Juan, it’s time to board the ferry to an eco-tourism hotspot – the island of Vieques. As well as being a dream destination for those that love the outdoors (your days will be filled with kayaking, snorkelling and hiking) this island also happens to be the place you’ll find Bioluminescent Bay. The best way to experience this enchanting phenomenon is by kayak, so clamber in and float through these illuminous waters for a truly memorable experience.

Sleepy vibes in Culebra

From Vieques you’ll make your way to Culebra, yet another sleepy island beauty 17 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. Void of big hotels (any chains in particular actually) Culebra will win you over with its slow-paced way of life. Diving is a popular pastime here, so we’ll ensure you make the most of the world-class reefs that dot the island’s coastline. On Culebra, the world moves slowly, and it’s an addictive pace. As always, waving goodbye will be rather difficult.

Flying home from San Juan, you’ll be laden with stories and carry memories that will, more than likely, ensure you make a return visit somewhere down the line …

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