Becky Milligan

Travel, for me, has always been associated with learning new languages and cultures. From a young age, family holidays in Europe sparked my interest in speaking a different language. From there, as part of my university degree I lived in both Granada and Rio de Janeiro, meeting some amazing people from hugely vibrant places, and seeing the world from a different perspective. More recently, I’ve focused on the more physically challenging aspect of travel. From climbing Kilimanjaro followed by spotting the Big Five in the Ngorongoro Crater, to conquering Morocco’s highest peak, Mt Toubkal, before camel riding into the Agafay Desert sunset – I’m most in my element on an active trip. It’s these unique experiences which have landed me in the world of travel for work – and there’s nothing quite as rewarding as sharing this appetite for adventure with other like-minded people. After spending last summer living in the buzzing metropolis that is New York, next year I’m most looking forward to exploring further west on the Californian coastline as well as New Zealand.

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