Becky Milligan

Travel, for me, has always been associated with learning new languages and cultures. From a young age, family holidays in Spain (first encountering what would become a lifelong obsession: paella) sparked my interest in speaking a different language. Numerous school exchanges and au pair work naturally led to me studying Spanish and Portuguese; and I have lived in both Granada and Rio de Janeiro, meeting some amazing people from hugely vibrant places, and seeing the world from a different perspective. I’ve also incorporated the physical aspect of travel. Whether it’s climbing Kilimanjaro followed by spotting the Big Five in the Ngorongoro Crater, hang-gliding over Rio’s famous coastline, or conquering Morocco’s highest peak, Mt Toubkal, before camel riding into the Agafay Desert sunset – I’m most in my element on an active trip. It’s these challenging experiences which have landed me in the world of travel for work – and there’s nothing quite as rewarding as talking about it with other like-minded people.

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