Greg Fruchtenicht

From an early age, the importance of travel and the positive effects it has on the human perspective was a regular topic of conversation at my family dinner table. My father was a German craftsman who practiced the tradition of ‘wandershaft’ – a tradition that involved hitchhiking for three years, moving from one country to the next to discover the intricacies of his craft in new destinations. It’s safe to say that his passion for adventure had an effect on me, and my childhood was dominated by micro adventures in the Lake District as a result. Each weekend would start with a new corner of the map and end with a new story. I would religiously write about every outing, big and small, which was a habit that led me to a university career in journalism. When I graduated, I went in search of a job that allowed me to translate the transformative power of travel to a global audience and my role in Brand Partnerships allows me to do exactly that. By working with some of the most respected brands in the world, I’m able to help companies engage and inspire their audience through travel, whilst enriching our own client’s brand loyalty at the same time.

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