Jos Davies

My first memory of travelling abroad is sitting in the cockpit of a 747 plane with my father in the captain’s seat.  I grew up in a very privileged position that through his job we were able to travel the world and before I was 18 I had been to every continent bar one.  Whilst all my instincts were telling me to follow in his footsteps, I took a bit of a detour and worked in Private Wealth Management for a few years before finally giving in.   A year or so of backpacking through Asia and Europe (sadly not sitting in the cockpit this time) and I was ready to return home and determine my next path.  The path thankfully led to Black Tomato and 8 years later I now lead Black Tomato’s Marketing and Communications team in London and New York.  I’m frequently asked “what makes Black Tomato so special and why do you love what you do?”  Other than being thankful for the 22 new countries I’ve now visited, it’s the people. Each bringing their own experience, excitement for travel, innovative ideas… and their passion.  So whilst I can’t plot a 747s route across the Atlantic, I can definitely tell you about some of the most interesting experiences and ways to explore the world.

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