Louise Ungless

My thirst for adventure most likely stems from my Dad, who is currently exploring and circumnavigating the world on a sailboat. At the age of 17, I waved goodbye to my trusting parents with a backpack on my back and an inter-rail ticket in my hand. All I wanted to do that summer was explore Europe. My passion for travel had begun. I spent my early 20s delving into different cultures by choosing to be a part of them, from studying International Development in Ghana to teaching English in India and South Korea. It was living in (and exploring) these foreign lands that made me always want to travel for a purpose. I then returned to the UK to complete a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology but it wasn’t long until I landed in the world of travel, which has taken me to lots of exciting places over the past few years, including the Himalayas, Iran and Central America.  And as an added bonus, I get to work with like-minded, curious people every day. Whether it’s learning a new instrument in Senegal, the physical challenge of cycling the mountains of Albania or sailing in the Alaskan wilderness with my Dad, my travels continue to have a purpose.

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