Mary Grayson

Travel to me has always been about connecting to another person and hearing their journey, seeing the world through their eyes, and what it took to lead them to sit right in front of me, at that moment. My traveling journey started off with a blank passport at the age of nineteen. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to live in another country and experience something greater than my hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s when I moved to London (fast forward four and a half years and who knew I’d be working for a British company!). While living in London I touched almost every corner of Europe, the most northern tip of England (Unst), made friends around the world and came home with a fully stamped passport. It’s the energy that I still crave and look forward to when planning a new trip. I’m still discovering new parts of the world outside of North America and Europe and still anticipate the new experiences and people I meet along the way.

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