Natalie Pritchard-Smith

My father was born in India, my mother lives in the Caribbean and, growing up, I spent my summers based in Singapore and exploring South-east Asia – so travelling was part of my life from a young age. In my early twenties I spent a year in Barcelona, studying at the university and learning Spanish. I dived right into Spanish culture, racking up as many fiestas as I could all around the country. I feel lucky to live in London, with Europe on our doorstep, and have become a big fan of weekend breaks away. Only last year I was able to visit Venice, Rome, Palma, Paris, Nice and Porto. Nothing can beat the local pizza in Venice, or a scoop of strawberry sorbet from Berthillon ice cream parlour in Paris. But my absolute favourite food has to be Spanish or Portuguese tapas. Why go for one big meal when you can have the pick of the best? Genius. Europe is also full of incredibly beautiful beaches and coves – and that’s where I’m probably most at home. Luckily there is no shortage of them to explore.

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