Neil Peacock

Growing up on a farm, my family weren’t really travellers. It’s quite a routed way of life. As a child, I wasn’t thinking about the next country – all I wanted was to see what was beyond the hedgerow and in the next field.  Adventure was everywhere but the older I got the more I longed to travel.  I studied Marketing & Communications at university, culminating with a dissertation on The Effect Of Storytelling Within Content Marketing. Two years later, my passion for adventure, exploration and a great story lead me here.  Black Tomato has replaced fields and forests of home with a world full of opportunities and adventures; and as part of the content and marketing team I am responsible for ensuring that the curiosity and travels of our team inspire our clients to create their own adventures. My first trip with Black Tomato took me to Sri Lanka, where I experienced a new level of cultural insight. I knew there and then travel had changed for me for good.

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