Oliver Blacklay

My passion for travel really began when I was eight years old, when we moved to Australia for 18 months. Coming from London I was blown away by the diversity of landscapes, from the barren areas surrounding Ayers Rock and the incredible beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to the amazing way of life over there. Since then I have always had a huge desire to seek out new experiences and find stunning new locations. I first began working in travel over 15 years ago and have been lucky to travel extensively throughout Europe, Japan, North America, and the Indian Subcontinent. Each of these amazing destinations offer a different and unique perspective of the world, whether it’s the diversity of the street food cultures of the pizzaiolo in Naples or the Vada Pav and Panipuri in Mumbai, each country has its own exciting interests, features and people.  Thinking back to when I was eight again, I remember a time sitting on Ayers Rock thinking about where else I’d dream of exploring (so you know, Italy was top of the list) and having worked in travel this long, that list just keeps growing.

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