Rob Murray-John

Over the past two decades, I have fuelled my passion for adventure travel by exploring some of the most remote cultures in the world. From riding across the Mongolian Steppe to trekking through the jungles of the Amazon, I’m only ever really at home when I’m on (or planning) an adventure. For a number of years, I ran a conservation, community and youth development charity. I led survival expeditions deep into the rainforest to develop young adults and create a sustainable impact on conservation and community development in countries like Belize, Indonesia, Guyana and Kenya. Living in these different countries, getting to know them in depth and understanding the various cultures, taught me everything I needed to know about the logistics behind planning and delivering a trip. I returned to the UK to work at Black Tomato and deliver inspiring trips, usually with an adventurous side to them. I also helped to create and launch Epic Tomato, where we are pushing boundaries when it comes to expedition-led travel. I now do my best to instil this love of exploration into my young family — starting with Latin America, a region that is filled with every kind of adventure possible.

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