Sunil Metcalfe

The first travel experience I can recall was falling in love with the castles of Llewellyn in north Wales, particularly Harlech and Conwy (no disrespect to Caernarfon). As family holidays grew more ambitious, I developed a passion for Europe and its rich history – awe-inspired by places like Chenonceau in the Loire Valley in France, or Neuschwanstein in Germany. On the other side of my heritage, I have family in Kerala in southern India. My grandmother lives on an estate with swathes of coconut, banana and pepper trees – and what a cook she is! Even at 80, she tries to pick the finest black pepper pods for me to take home straight off the tree. She is a testament to fresh, organic, healthy living, and an inspiration. I’m always keen to venture off the beaten track in search of hidden gems and local experiences, and have built a diverse knowledge of Europe and America. From driving Route 1 from LA to San Francisco via Big Sur and Carmel, to ballet at the Mariinsky in Russia, to enjoying island hopping in the Faroes or Greece, I feel that the journey of discovery and curiosity should never end. I now live in New York, ready to start a new chapter in my favourite city on the planet. Bring it on.

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