Mekong Villas

Hidden deep in the north of Thailand on the Mekong River, the Mekong Villas offer six comfortable rooms. Built in traditional Thai style and with nature all around you, you’ll hardly remember the city life you left behind.


With balconies and tropical gardens overlooking the Mekong River, you’ll have panoramic views of the stunning Thai landscape and across to Laos. The province is one of the least touched in the whole of Thailand, so you can experience Thai rural life as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Walk, cycle and canoe through the countryside or take a trip further afield to Phu Phra Historical Park or Phu Reua National Park. Flying into Bangkok, the Mekong Villas can be reached by a 1 hour and 15 minute transfer flight to Loei airport followed by a short car drive, before you reach this rural paradise.

Your room

The Mekong Villas have six beautiful rooms. Simple and charming, you can expect the usual mod-cons, but it’s also a great opportunity to disconnect from the world back home, as the Mekong Villas only have a few TVs where you can switch back into reality. Relax after your day exploring by the villas swimming pool and look forward to feasting on a delicious Thai meal made from local produce.

Why we like it

In an area of Thailand that few visit, you can’t find a more dazzling location. Surrounded by tropical forest and flanked by the Mekong River, we bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off the mind-blowing views.

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