Amazing Thailand

Known as the gateway to Asia, Bangkok is a bustling city full of cutting-edge design and rich Buddhist culture. Head here for some serious insider’s shopping and partying, river trips and exclusive access to some super-special temples, and then hit the beach to kick up some mountain biking through jungles and across beaches. The perfect escape east for a luxury holiday, or your ideal honeymoon.

style in the bustling city

Start your Bangkok experience with a hair-raising tuk tuk ride through the city’s wide arteries.

From your base, the stylish Tower Club at Lebua, you’ll zip past lush walled gardens housing magnificent gold temples, mountainous skyscrapers, concrete pavements hosting saffron-robed monks beside modern-day businessmen, and huge banners displaying the face of the royal family. Hear the rumble of the overhead sky train as it carries commuters over the city, passing high above the boats and rafts bobbing down the Chao Praya river which dissects the city.

bangkok from the inside

Forget touristy markets: the retail in Bangkok is fantastic, if you know where to look. Whether you’re interested in furniture or gems carved by Thai artisans, clothes from one of the world’s top ten tailors or some of the finest fabrics on the planet, our expert shopping guides will take you there, and can even make sure all your treats are packaged and sent home ready for your return. Next, see the sights – our guides will show you the cream of the crop.

The Golden Buddha, made from five and a half tons of solid gold, and the White Marble Temple – one of the finest examples of Thai architecture – are both on our list. See the incredible Summer Palace of King Raman V with its fascinating mixture of Thai, Chinese and Gothic architecture, and return by boat, watching the river life go by.

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At night the city wakes up as the humidity cools off, so now’s the time hit the heights of Zense or Vertigo: our favourite lounge bars overlooking Bangkok’s iconic skyline. Our nightlife guides will recommend and book you tables at the most cutting edge restaurants, bars and clubs to ensure you have the ultimate Bangkok night experience. If you feel like exploring, our guide will take you on a gourmet night walking tour to enjoy all the delights of the city.

jungles, beaches and untouched paradise

After time in the concrete jungle, escape to a real one on the lush, plant-covered south-east of tropical Phuket island. At the Sarojin, take the private boat out for a dive in Surin Island’s National Park, or if you’re up for a spot of adrenalin, see the nearby untouched island of Koh Yao Noi by mountain bike. Cycle through small market towns, rice paddies, past mosques and fishing villages and through thick natural jungle.

If you like, you can stop to visit artistic locals who create Batik Paintings too. Another great day trip is a short, fast motorboat ride to the curious, deserted island of Maiton, where we can gain you exclusive access. Here, empty pristine white cliff-fringed sands await you. Spend a day in glorious silence, interupted only by your guide and his supply of refreshingly cold lychee-tinis. Flop on the beach or take a walk through the fascinating, derelict hotel which is still the island’s only man-made structure. And after all this, a short boat journey back to Phuket will leave you sipping cocktails on your private terrace by sunset. Bliss.

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