Fall into Nantucket Island

Life can be busy. To wash away the stresses of everyday life, an escape to the seaside is just what you need. Cue Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. In our opinion, this is the perfect spot for that quick get-away. Filled with old-world charm and spectacular sunny beaches, this island is famed for its rolling dunes (and, believe it or not, cranberries) – the only danger is that you might never want to leave.

Head here in spring and you’ll be blessed with gorgeous sunshine, wine galore (the Nantucket Wine festival in May is a must), and enough fish to shake a rod at. During Fall,  Nantucket is adorned with gold, warm orange and deep red hues as the island embraces autumn.

Step back in time through the cobbled streets and breeze through the island’s miles of quiet beaches. A haven filled with history, charm and natural beauty, this luxury holiday is only a hop, skip and jump away from New York City.

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How (island) life is meant to be

During your visit to Nantucket, we’ll help create a unique stay to suit you. Whether you want fun filled days or seclusion on the beach, let us know and we’ll make it happen. Wander the cobbled streets of downtown Nantucket and weave in and out of some of the finest boutique shops, galleries and restaurants the East Coast has to offer. Or if you’re looking for something a little bit more active, we’ll arrange for you to spend the day in a open-top 4×4 Jeep Wrangler. Drive across the sandy beaches to Great Point or Smith’s Point for a spectacular look out over the Atlantic or Madaket Harbour.

a foodie heaven

While Nantucket’s beaches are the jewels in it’s crown, a sparkle that’s caught our eye are its restaurants and food it has to offer. Sandwiched between the Atlantic and the beauty of Nantucket Bay you’ll find the award-winning TOPPER’S restaurant. If you want to get a real taste of the ocean en route to TOPPER’S, we can arrange for you to enjoy a glass or two on-board “Sweet Pea” – your own private Hinckley yacht. Or take Sweet Pea out for the day, pack up a picnic and if you’re feeling confident – catch your own lunch. The pristine waters of Nantucket are home to some of the best clams and scallops. And with crystal clear waters you can literally pluck your own seafood feast with your bare hands. Your trusty captain and sous chef for the trip will be on hand to help pry them open.

your home away from home: the white elephant

To match your luxurious holiday on Nantucket, we have the perfect property in mind for you: the White Elephant. Perched serenely on the waterfront, overlooking Nantucket’s famous harbour, it’s a perfect combo of island charm and sophisticated comforts.

Beautiful landscapes wrap around the hotel with white wicker furniture dotted around the immaculate lawns. The room’s subdued tones, shuttered windows and nautical furniture project a clean, coastal feel. The contemporary and elegant rooms are perfect to fall into and chill after a day on the water. The crackling fireplaces, cosy cushions and fleeces hug you into your room as the salty fresh air is shut out for the night. Whether it’s just two of you or the whole family we’ll sort you out in one of the beautifully designed hotel rooms or cottages. But if you can’t help but share our favourite new spot with everyone – why don’t you all head east and stay in one of the spectacularly spacious two-storey Lofts.

If the miles of open sand beaches have teased you to get active, there’s bike rides and long walks for you to take advantage of the miles of pathways and isolated coastlines within easy reach of the hotel. And panic not, spa treatments and long soaks await when you return to your new home away from home.

So if you need to get away from it all, head to Nantucket to unwind and recharge.

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