Soaring high in San Diego

Listen up adrenaline junkies; this is one exclusive trip of blockbuster proportions which will see you soaring through the sky in a fighter jet, whisked on board one of the longest serving aircraft carriers before riding off into the sunset on a Harley. Oh yes, this is the Top Gun way to do San Diego.

Touchdown in L.A. where you’ll be whisked off to your luxury bolthole in San Diego, the lavish Zen-inspired Se Hotel. Right in the heart of the downtown Gas Lamp District, it’s the perfect spot to explore the city’s creative side and experience the culinary masterpieces of its cutting edge eateries. Renowned for gorgeous open spaces and expansive Pacific vistas, let Black Tomato be your guide to the best bits of this alternative city.

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sky’s the limit

Once settled into the full swing of San Diego living, get set to make your teenage dreams come true. Yep, in the capable hands of a jet pilot, launch into the air onboard an L-39 Jet Fighter and have the footage to prove it. As you’re briefed on your mission in the hanger, don your jump suit before you climb into your legendary Soviet jet trainer while the camera rolls. Feeling the need for speed, await for the go-ahead from the control tower and feel your heart begin to pound faster and faster. Before you know it, it’s ready, set, lift-off. Climbing at a rate of 4000 ft per minute, the camera will capture the dramatic, sun scorched desert landscapes below you, before you tackle the G-Force as you loop and roll in the sky. Once back down on earth you get to edit the film and capture the best bits of your momentous ride.

earn your navy stripes

Film buffs, you’re in for a treat, as we’ll get you on board one of the longest serving aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy, the USS Midway docked in Downtown San Diego. Explore the ins and outs of this enormous ship (it boasts a 4 acre flight deck) before swapping heavy artillery for soft sand. With stretches of gorgeous coastline to explore and a plethora of beaches to choose from, its time to hit the surf. For a slice of bona fide Californian beach life, head to the infamous Mission beach. In true Top Gun style, grab your mates, and with your shoes (and shirt) off, take to the court and show off your skills.

So you’ve tamed the skies, taken to the water, what’s next you say? The open roads of course. No Top Gun experience would be complete without a Harley ride along the epic coastal roads to take your breath away. With the Pacific breeze rolling in and the sun fading into the horizon, it’s no wonder they call it California dreaming.

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