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Planning a big family trip isn’t easy at the best of times, and making sure everything runs smoothly is another task in itself. So here’s our top tips to ensure everyone has an amazing trip, straight from our family travel experts.

Choose a theme

Think about what you’d all like to get out of this trip. Is it to unwind or to explore? Is it to unleash your inner culture vulture or to immerse yourself in the wild outdoors? Picking a theme will ensure everyone knows what they’re in for – a safari means an exciting adventure to explore nature’s finest, whereas a beach break will mean water sports and basking in the sunshine.

Keep it simple

When faced with too many choices, be it destinations or activities, conflicts can quickly arise. Plan ahead and discuss your ideas and options as early as you can. This will ensure everyone is on the same page, resulting in less arguments and a more seamless trip for all.

Pick a trip for all ages

Not all destinations will be right for everyone – some might not be kid friendly whereas others might not be up the Grandparent’s street. Pick a place that meets the needs of everyone – kids, grandparents, your partner and anyone else you’re bringing along.


Getting everyone involved in the planning will make it easier. Ask everyone what they’d like to do on this trip – and stick to it. If you’ve picked a beach retreat, Grandad might want to do some sailing, and the kids might want to try Scuba diving. This will ensure everyone has a great time, without just one person dictating the activities.

Be organised

Play to someone’s strengths – there is always going to be someone in the group that will be more organised than others. Let that person be the nominated organiser, without becoming too bossy.

Being spontaneous can be a challenge

Spontaneity during travel is great, but not so much when travelling as a big group. If you want a little spontaneity in your trip, this is the time to perhaps separate from the group and have some healthy alone time.

Time out

You don’t need to spend time all together 24/7. Not everyone will always want to do the same things, so it’s important to take a break from the rest of the herd every now and again. Splitting up, whether it’s for three hours or three days, will soothe mounting frustrations. Granny might want to take a cooking class, whereas Dad might rather explore a museum, for example, but not everyone has to join in.

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