It’s easy to glide through life surrounded by a cacophony of old and new, the familiar and the abstract, the ordinary and the extraordinary, never having time to truly take stock of it all. The world buzzes with sights and sounds and smells, daily occurrences that are brushed passed and forgotten before they’ve even been processed. But every now and again, a peripheral happening comes into our focus and creates a moment that will imprint on our mind forever.

With its rich landscape, changing faces and steady pace of life, it’s little wonder that Aspen Snowmass has such an abundance of these moments in the making. Be it a snow-clad morning schooping down the slopes or the spectacular vision of fall foliage painting the landscape a vibrant yellow, this corner of Colorado begs you to stop, look, listen and experience every moment it has to offer. Our new campaign, ‘Aspen Snowmass:  A moment captured’, has seen Black Tomato’s photographer heading out to to capture some of the many awe-inspiring moments hidden in these mountains. Call it a taster, if you will, because as we chart the footsteps of this particular journey, know that yours will be different; and for each moment we captured, we want to encourage you to find another of your own.

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