Destination Inspiration: Mexico

Travel is often synonymous with disconnecting, escaping to a world outside of your own, somewhere that allows you to ‘leave your worries behind’. But it is always seen as temporary. At Black Tomato, we are big believers that people should harvest the rewards of their journeys and make them permanent. We view travel as a means to changing the way we see the ordinary. It can even change the way we see the world forever.

The opportunity is just a few hours away from home. Travel deep into the countryside to discover wonders that will redefine your outlook of the world. This particular journey is one that indulges the senses, with the greatest show of moving color on Earth. It’s not a film. It’s Mexico, as you’ve never seen it before.

In this secluded hinterland there is a unique rainbow of colors that will make your eyes swirl; the blues, reds, yellows and blacks of millions of butterflies perched on every branch, twig, and leaf. Time is not welcome here, leaving only you and nature in simple harmony.

This is a new world, one that you have discovered. Powerful experiences like this reside in you – and arriving back at home, you will have a sense that the journey has just begun. This is fuel for your outlook on life. The colors, the calmness, nature’s humble and timeless spectacle, are now part of you, destined to change the way you see the ordinary. Choose to travel to a unique destination and it will be no accident when you are rewarded with a fresh perspective.

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