Destination Inspiration: The Philippines

Never before have people had access to such an abundance of opportunities to design their individual lifestyle – a diversity which is reflected in the way we live, travel and experience the world around us. But there is one key element we are all consistently drawn to: tranquility. We all strive for the ability to live our lives with composure and serenity, the way a rainbow sets its peaceful mark on a storm stricken sky.

The Philippines is a paradise assortment of islands and rainforests, generous and subtle with its inspiration. It is a place that shares that much needed calmness of the spirit by mesmerizing your senses.

On the island of Palawan, beaches lead to Pacific horizons, illuminated by the distant glow of the lights of the fishing boats and the occasional exciting bright red flash of a distant electrical storm. Watching the electricity light up the skies over the distant waters, there’s no greater sense of reflection and calm than in admiring the chaotic illuminations of nature. On land, there’s a new way of living, experiencing nature as you’ve never seen it before: the giant trees, the landscapes, the wildlife, the sounds. There is a constant chatter of cicadas in the trees, tingling and inspiring, making you resonate with the electrifying beat of the flourishing mangroves. This is nature in its rawest form.

Philippines’ people are in tune with their surroundings, thoughtful and humble before the masterful nature of their lands. With every day spent on these islands, the aura of the Philippines melts slowly into your sense of wellbeing, bringing with it a reflective inspiration for life as it should be. The calming melody of paradise island peace is the soundtrack here as tranquility plays for you. Let it in and see how life heels to your very own pace.

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