Life Lessons: A mountain retreat in Bhutan

There’s so much that travel can reward you with, when you know where to go and what to do. That’s why we’re exploring places that can give back as much as they inspire, rewarding those that seek adventure and new experience.

Transport yourself to Bhutan for a moment. Here is a country that paints epic scenery into the background of everyday life, a place that infiltrates spirituality, reflection and experience into each moment of the day.

By experiencing this Himalayan kingdom, this fairytale-like land, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to grow in both spirit and mind. Absorb the scenery, breathe in the unspoiled air and enjoy a new perspective of life. If you are on a quest for meaning and purpose, you are in the right place. You have landed in the home of the spiritual masters, ancient practitioners of yoga and meditation wielding the keys to self-discovery.

In Bhutan, time stops. Just forty years since gingerly opening its gates to visitors, the country remains truly unspoiled and in tune with itself. The non-stop noise of the 21st Century cannot be heard, phones and internet are not part of daily life – giving it a purity that so many of us crave. Perched above the clouds and surrounded by mountains, shroud yourself in calm and spiritual largess. It won’t take long to realize that this is a vacation that does more than give you a break. Welcome to a new way of seeing the world.

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