Life Lessons: Hunting in Mongolia

Travel should be more than just a vacation. It should be an eye-opening adventure, an insight into unknown cultures and the ancient landscapes that have shaped them. Luckily, there are still places in the world that can give back, not just with their beauty, culture, or people, but by changing the way you look at everyday life. These are the places that should be a priority for all of us to make time to experience.

Mongolia, with its picture-book wild plains and soaring mountains, is the setting for an experience that will alter the way you see your world. Here, nomadic tribes hunt for their food, galloping on horseback across the endless plains, armed only with a golden eagle. This is a tradition sculpted by thousands of years of culture, and thousands of years of expertise passed from generation to generation. Only in Mongolia can you take part in this hunt, one of the most ancient and unique experiences the world has ever known. You’ll discover that it’s a lesson in the techniques and skill of the hunt, but even more than that, it’s a lesson about the inescapable modernity of the lives we lead and one that will resonate long after you return home.

For Mongolia’s nomadic tribes, this is not hunting for fun, this is hunting for survival. You’ll see for yourself as the precious morning’s catch becomes your evening meal, an organic process that lies in direct contrast to our everyday, eat-on-the go culture. It’s a completely different approach to life, where eating is a basic necessity, rather than a luxury one can take for granted.

Hunting with a golden eagle is an extraordinary experience, but discovering the integral role the hunt’s plays in this culture is an incredible experience that will change your entire world. Taking the opportunity to travel to Mongolia is taking an opportunity to experience a way of life resistant to the passage of time. No passing trends, no technological advancement can alter the traditions of these nomadic tribes. It’s a life that remains constant, unchanged. A lifestyle you must witness, in order to evaluate and appreciate your own.

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