Life Lessons: the adaptability of Berbers

Deserts across our planet imbue a mystic, magical quality. The shifting sands, the secrets of a world engulfed in thousands of miles of isolation. It makes us wonder what life can exist and thrive there. We’ve searched and found that the people of North Africa are the ones making the desert come to life. They are the Berbers.

It provokes a question: how have they made a home here? How have they survived and flourished and built a civilization spanning thousands of years?

Our questions took us to Morocco, to the northern fringes of the vast Sahara Desert, where we discovered the perfect example of one of life’s fundamental lessons. Not just something to improve us, or surprise us, but to open our eyes to the power of the human spirit. Adaptability.

Known as the Noblemen of North Africa, the tribal Berbers have been semi-nomadic in the region for over 12,000 years. They’ve been living there as long as humans have ruled the planet. By visiting Morocco you will discover how they have mastered their environment, surviving for millennia. And it’s not just the way they have adapted to their desert lands. That’s only half the story.

The main lesson is how they adapted culturally, sharing their own culture and absorbing much of the good the world had to offer. They did this while preserving their own lifestyles and customs in a world that through the ages has not always embraced what’s different.

Did you know that the Berbers built pyramids before the Egyptians? That’s where the Pharaohs got the idea from. Berber stories have permeated and shaped Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology.

They are open to all cultures and traditions, hospitable to all differences. It has ensured their survival, and their standing as one of the most inspiring cultures to exist. And they will keep going, as they have since the beginning of human life, here at the desert crossroads of the world.

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