The place of tomorrow: Escape to Mozambique

Thinking that the world has been completely discovered will have you believing that there’s nowhere new left to surprise you. No parcel or stretch of land that invites you to take a moment and absorb what it is you are seeing with your very own eyes. But take a moment to just think. There was once a time when people thought the earth was flat, a time before anyone had ever set foot in America, even a time before the mountains were conquered and the seas explored. It makes us question what we truly know, and what wisdom we will receive tomorrow. We guarantee, what we discover tomorrow will illuminate how little we knew yesterday, and for that reason we must never stop striving to discover more.

For peaceful romantic getaways, the sand-banked archipelagos of Mauritius are the place we all know. It’s beautiful, stunning even, but with the secret well and truly out, the islands have shaped themselves for their visitors. We want a place that shapes us, and doesn’t bend to the trap of mass tourism. We need somewhere new for tomorrow.

Searching for this new place of tomorrow, we’ve found a land which sparkles even more brightly than Mauritius, a place of deserted coastlines, secluded ocean hideaways and the tranquil romance of life that gives the feeling of being the only people left in the world. The fact that few people know about the secret of Mozambique makes it even more special.

Only accessible by plane or traditional dhow boats, the Peninsula of Ibo Island juts out into the Indian Ocean and backs onto millions of acres of National Park. It offers a sense of seclusion like nowhere else. Its relative inaccessibility has allowed the sea life and fauna to flourish, and we found that Mozambique has some of the best diving opportunities in the world. 350 types of tropical fish vie for your attention and an untouched, ancient coral bay that is so brightly colored, it makes us wonder if there isn’t a sun under the sea in Mozambique.

You’ve probably never heard of Ibo Island, but it’s our secret place of tomorrow to share with you. You see, there’s still so much left of the world that remains undiscovered; tomorrow will always hold somewhere new.

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