The Place of Tomorrow: Skiing in Niseko

Yesterday is time gone by, it is old. What excites us, what keeps us going, is looking forward to tomorrow. What will it hold? How can we make it better than today? When we seek out the best destination on the planet, we want somewhere exciting, a place that delivers a different experience, the place of tomorrow.

When it comes to skiing, we all know Aspen. Everyone knows Aspen. Its charm and style are heralded the world over, and people flock to Aspen in the tens of thousands every year. There’s good reason for this, but you know what you’re going to leave with even before you’ve arrived. What if there was a new place that few people know about, travelling off piste, as it were.

Nestled in the snow-capped mountains of Japan’s northern island Hokkaido is the ski resort of Niseko. Forget Aspen for a while, that’s yesterday’s darling, here is the softest, deepest snow to ski on anywhere in the world. There are slopes suitable for every kind of skier, with exciting tree runs, stunning scenery and huge powder fields.

There are no crowds here, and Niseko also has a couple more surprises to share. Onsens are hot springs that occur naturally all over Niseko’s slopes, and are the perfect stopping station for a change of pace from time on the snow. What better way to take a break than kicking back in a warm pool of pure mountain water, with views that stretch across the landscape, right there on the slope? We can’t think of one either. Even after the sun goes down, you can find yourself coasting down lit slopes for an experience that will have you asking how you never knew about Niseko before now.

It’s new and exciting, different and spectacular. Niseko is a place of tomorrow.

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