The Place of Tomorrow: Glamour in Turkbuku

Every place on Earth is charged with the memory of its past. History, old and new is imprinted on the streets that carry our feet. And sometimes – when we’re fortunate – we get to tread the path that leads to making history.

Take St. Tropez, one of the most famous resorts in Europe. Its past blooms with sparkling memories. It was the first town on the coast that was liberated during Operation Dragon in World War II. Then it became the summertime home of Boris Vian, Sartre and Picasso. During the 60s the town rose to fame as the top destination on the French Riviera where one was likely to bump into Brigitte Bardot or New Wave masters Truffaut and Goddard. St. Tropez might be more popular than ever, but its history is pretty much made.

We like the old, but love looking forward to the new, too. For this reason, we’ve found the destination that matches everything about St. Tropez, except for one vital difference: no one knows about it yet. Our place of tomorrow, ready to make its history, waits in the southern Aegean. Located on Bodrum Peninsula, Turkbuku has been whispered about by its many fans on the Hollywood A-list, and we know Turkbuku will steal your heart too. The Turkish peninsula is filled with historical treasures tucked behind idyllic, secluded coves. Herodotus, the Father of History was born here. Anthony and Cleopatra used to stop here on their way to Rome. And again on their way back. Even Alexander the Great was so seduced he asked here for the only truce of his conquering campaign.

Ancient history, you might say, but wait until you set eyes on the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus from the 4th century BC – one of only two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still stand today. Turkbuku is a historical fest, but more than anything it is your private paradise, a place that offers up its history for a new and colossal new chapter. Tread new ground and join history by discovering this treasure all for yourself.

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