The Place of Tomorrow: diving in Belize

The Maldives are the picture postcard of paradise. Golden sand islands and atolls scattered like shining pebbles in the big blue of the Indian Ocean. It is beautiful island life as imagined by a starry-eyed romantic, but real. Surrounded by shallow waters, The Maldives have drawn divers from all over the world to explore its crystal clear waters, its tropical fish, and its multi-colored, protected coral reefs. But with the divers and honeymooners exploring this miraculous paradise has come a degree of commercialization, chain hotels and throngs of diving tours; beautiful it may be, but this is no longer a secret escape for diving.

We needed to find somewhere new, but without compromising the sheer beauty and eclectic dreamscapes of the underwater kingdoms we so love in The Maldives. Where is tomorrow’s undiscovered diving gem? We found it, and it’s called Belize.

The unspoiled, tropical coastline of Belize has a new world of diving discoveries, and there’s no waiting in line to explore the treasures here. With a barrier reef second only in size to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, it’s believed there are thousands of species of fish and coral here. No one knows how many, because 90% of the reef is yet to be fully explored. That’s how undiscovered Belize is.

Taking a boat out onto the ocean, you could find isolated cays and colorful coral, rare species of fish and dazzling deep water dives to uncover the secrets hiding still undiscovered in the ocean. Belize brims not with tourists, but with its own untouched, unspoiled version of paradise. As well as diving the coral reefs and discovering the aquatic life living amongst it, Belize’s golden beaches, palm-fringed landscapes and dense inland jungle provide us with a land to be explored, as well as the ocean.

Today people may think The Maldives is the ultimate diving destination, but tomorrow it is Belize; we know where we will be when we next dive under the waves in search of a new and exciting underwater world.

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