The Place of Tomorrow: Shanghai’s art scene

Venice feels like the spiritual home of art. The city was the birthplace and the muse of thousands of painters, artists, sculptors and architects, and the city stands as a landscape of their combining styles. Everything in Venice harks back to a golden age of artistic renaissance.

But they are all part of a past. A brilliant past, but a past and history that is best left to admire than to re-live. The Venice Biennale has been running in this vain since 1895, showcasing the art and works of many of the world’s artists, writers, dancers, directors and musicians. It is contemporary art, but in the shadow of a great history that influences not only who is invited to showcase, but what they are influenced to create.

We think it can be different. The burgeoning studio of tomorrow’s talent has shifted eastwards. No longer do we go to the rich historical settings of Venice’s piazzas but to the unstoppable pace and energy of our artistic place of tomorrow, Shanghai. Instead of art inspired and influenced by the creativity of yesterday, in the shadow of its own history, we’ve looked forward to a place of tomorrow, a place as vibrant as it is forward-thinking, as inspiring as it is surprising.

The world you see at Shanghai’s Biennale is tomorrow’s world right before your eyes. Running since 1996, and beginning to pick up momentum as it draws the international artistic masters to its door, Shanghai’s Biennale showcases contemporary art to make you see and understand the world in a new, different light. Here, artists are reinterpreting and redesigning the perceived truths of the way art should be, of how space is used and light is manipulated.

It’s time to forget the establishment. If you want to see art that is forward-thinking, the art of the future, then we know the place you need to see. Shanghai, our place of tomorrow.

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