The Place of Tomorrow: the secret world of Bahia

From Kuta to Seminyak, the bars and restaurants of Bali, filled with sun-seekers and surfers, infuse a pulsating energy across the island. But with this buzz and electric night life, where is the promise of escaping to an undiscovered corner. The Bali we know and love today is not about escaping the crowd, but about joining it.

Where to next, we thought. Somewhere that pulses at our own pace, where we can discover a new world for ourselves and see it for its essential qualities, rather an experience shaped by the people already there. Spin the globe and find Bahia, a place that can offer just that.

Hugging Brazil’s palm-fringed Atlantic coast, Bahia is a secret world of deserted beaches and rainforest. There are no crowds here, just everything that made you want to see the world in the first place.

A silk-sand beach, surf waves included, all to yourself. Hidden lagoons, drenched in sunshine and birdsong, with not another soul in sight. Forests of colorful flowers that open out to waterfalls and intrepid mangrove swamps, all waiting to be explored. It’s natural, unspoiled beauty, all for you.

But you can’t go to Brazil without experiencing some kind of party. Salvador da Bahia, with its European architecture and UNESCO Heritage may not seem at first glance like a place to get your fix of that Brazilian buzz, but that is exactly why it has remained such a well-kept secret. We all know of the Rio Carnaval, but this place has one of its own; a six day extravaganza of music, parades, food and partying long into the night. There won’t be the tourists of Rio aiming their cameras at the action, but a chance to immerse yourself and witness a local spectacular of color, music and excitement.

It’s the allure of this kind of dashing beauty and rich culture that makes us want to travel and explore the world. Don’t run, we don’t want to draw attention. But it’s Bahia we’re going to. It’s the place of tomorrow that we know won’t have the crowds, and that’s how we want to keep it.

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