A world of influence: Jerry Yang in Taiwan

In February 1994, when the Internet was quickly becoming the infinite beast it is today, two Stanford students created “Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web” – a website conceived as a directory of other websites. A year later, it was given the name we all know today: Yahoo.

With Yahoo’s global success, Jerry Yang has become one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world. The seed of innovation that flowered into an online empire was planted when Jerry was just a little boy growing up in Taipei. A constantly growing city, Taipei is a place that embraces new technology, encouraging new ideas for change that can make city life faster, brighter, and more exciting. Taipei pulses with energy, electric-like beneath the gaze of towering skyscrapers.

From high-speed rail, to cloud splitting highways and epic skyscrapers, Taipei is the political, economic and cultural center of the island of Taiwan. We found ourselves at the top of the majestic Taipei 101 looking over a city so alive it pulsed to its own heartbeat from above the clouds. It was this very energy that thrust Jerry to the forefront of innovation and ingenuity. The air is charged with it. Even the Taipei 101 building you look out from is a product of the atmosphere. This stacked pagoda colossus is a marvel of engineering vision and audacity. In Taipei, to dare is to do, inspiring its people to strive for the next level in everything they turn to.

Amongst the flurry of activity, Taipei still knows how to pose reflection. Old temples revel in the beauty of the multitude of gods, presenting peaceful stillness just moments from the city’s whir. When night falls, the flame still burns in Taipei, as the famous night markets whip up into a frenzy of activity. There’s a dazzling array of street food, the likes of which you’ll have never experienced. It’s strange, it’s different, but dare to try, and Taipei will deliver the buzz.

Plugging in to this city, it is easy to experience the same rush that gave Jerry Yang the inspirational nourishment to think different, to think beyond, and most of all, to dare to do.

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