We’ve been scouring the globe for places that not only wow with their beauty, but that offer experiences that will stay with you long after you leave. These are experiences designed to change the way you see the world, to alter your outlook and perspective on life. They are to show you that life is extraordinary.

Papua New Guinea is our latest find. Deep in the trees live native tribes that have called the rainforest home for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. Many have never seen people from outside their tribe, let alone known the modern conveniences and technologies that we take so much for granted. And we can’t help but feel they’re all the better for it.

Living alongside these ancient jungle tribes in Papua New Guinea will show you new way of interacting with your surroundings. The Dani Tribe, with their distinctive animal bone piercings, were once Neolithic warriors but now live peaceful lives as subsistence farmers. Try their bow and arrow for yourself, as you learn how they hunt; join in making sago, the staple food; and learn about the natural remedies that have kept their tribe alive through the centuries, without any knowledge of western medicines or techniques.

The beauty of this rainforest is that it remains untamed and unexplored. It will show you a different way of living that will change the way you approach your everyday. It holds experiences that will focus you on the true potential of life. The tribes will show you how life is extraordinary; all you have to do is live it.

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