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Each season we get excited to chat about all of the new hotel openings, flights, experiences and products that are popping up in travel. We’re always sharing with each other the best of the best in each and this season we’re sharing our list with you. From the delicately designed interiors and exclusive room access to the best flight routes for trending destinations, these are our new and noteworthy picks for the Spring season.

Hotel Openings

The most exciting new hotel openings in the world, why we like them and when you should go.


A new direct flight (no matter how long it is) gives you all the reason to just say yes and book the trip. Say hello to Iceland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Paris this season with new direct flights popping up all around the world.


Destination led, experience focused. Our product team is constantly searching for the best of the best. Whether it's learning how to paraglide over the Southern Cape, cross-country skiing across Svalbard, or taking you into the kitchen with some of the world's top chefs, we're giving you a glance at our favourites this Spring and how to do it.


Because sometimes travel is made easier with the right products by your side. These are our personal faves for the Spring season:

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