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To celebrate this collaboration Black Tomato has brought to life the pioneering spirit of John Walker and Alfred Dunhill and created The Four Corners in collaboration with JOHNNIE WALKER® and Alfred Dunhill. Drawing on the exceptional adventures taken by both pioneers The Four Corners is a collection of trips inspired by the journeys they took and the destinations that helped shape the iconic brands that they are today.

Retracing their steps to the very beginning, the first of the four trips to launch is from Alfred Dunhill’s home in London, to JOHNNIE WALKER® Drummuir Castle in Scotland on an iconic road trip from the metropolitan lights of London through the rolling hills of the Cotswold and the majestic moors of North Yorkshire before crossing the border to the dramatic landscapes of Scotland. As the experience led travel experts we’ve crafted the itinerary to highlight very best of England and Scotland, it’s surprising experiences and it’s wonderful boutique hotels in between.

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