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To make the most of your Set Jetting trip, you’ll need to fill your suitcase with the perfect luggage suitable for your adventure. Where would Walter White be with out his faithful yellow boiler suit and gas mask? Would Don Draper still have the same suave, powerful New York presence without his smart, stylish suit and dependable packet of Lucky Strike cigarettes in his pocket?

To get you started in the right direction, we have pulled together a collection of items we think are essential when you embark on one of the new trips in our Set Jetting series…

Breaking Bad


Illegal cook-outs in America’s remote southwest are not to be taken lightly. To do it right, as Walter White discovered, you need the proper kit, attitude and an RV to drive off in when things turn ugly…

  • Crystal meth
  • 3000ml boiling flask
  • Glass beaker
  • Black Pork Pie hat
  • Glasses
  • Gas mask
  • Yellow boiler suit
  • An RV

Our Breaking Bad inspired Set Jetting trip…

Game of Thrones


The land of Westeros is treacherous to say the least. With the freezing colds of the land north of The Wall and the likely risk of backstabbing and double crossing, you’ll need to make sure you keep a fur cloak and dagger nearby…

  • A mink fur cloak
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Medieval chain of office
  • Khaleesi’s metal bustier
  • A wolf
  • A zippo lighter – easier to light a fire
  • A dragon’s egg
  • A bow and arrow

Our Game of Thrones inspired Set Jetting trip…

Mad Men


Along with an elegant, classic 1960’s wardrobe, you need the sophisticated poise to complete it. Pair a classic, two-piece suit with suave confidence and you’ll be ready to live the New York dream…

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Two-piece suit, tie and white shirt
  • A scotch tumbler
  • A typewriter
  • Black Oxford shoes with pringle socks
  • Full skirt and floral dress
  • A leather briefcase
  • A black rotary dial telephone

Our Mad Men inspired Set Jetting trip…

The Bridge


To always stay one step ahead of the gripping action, as Saga Noren and Martin Rhode work together to accomplish, you need simple yet effective and reliable equipment. A warm wardrobe to defend against the cold Scandinavian weather is essential…

  • Police badge
  • PNB police notebook and pen
  • Coffee thermos
  • A beige knitted jumper
  • A brown wool overcoat

Our The Bridge inspired Set Jetting trip…



Whilst trying to survive and navigate your way round the unknown possibilities of an exotic, unchartered island, practical and adaptable items are an absolute must. Think Swiss army knife, first aid kit and rope. And of course, what would a good island get away be without sun cream and a good book?

  • Swiss army knife
  • Rope
  • A raft
  • Charlie Pace’s acoustic guitar
  • Water distilling kit
  • First aid kit
  • Fishing rod
  • John Locke’s wheelchair
  • A book on how to tame a polar bear

Our LOST inspired Set Jetting trip…

Downtown Abbey


The unique charm of the English countryside is best represented by a fine china tea set accompanied with a delicious spread of afternoon treats. Include a selection of fine leather suitcases to take you from city party to country bolthole and the quintessential English lifestyle awaits you…

  • 1911 renault
  • Fine China tea set
  • Globe trotter leather suitcase
  • Champagne flutes
  • Casablanca champagne coupes
  • A knotted pearl necklace
  • A gentleman’s leather vanity case
  • A tweed riding jacket

Our Downtown Abbey inspired Set Jetting trip…

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