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A healthier way to travel

When Black Tomato began, we had one simple goal; to understand our clients as well as their closest friends and family. As we learnt what it meant to truly understand the inner workings of a traveller, we soon realised that it was essential to look beyond their travel plans and delve deeper into the finer details of their lives.

With that in mind, we’ve recently been looking into the importance of health and wellness before, during and after travel. We know the difference between being well travelled and travelling well. After all, anyone with the budget can be well travelled, but it takes more to Travel Well, to truly discover a country rather than simply scratching at the surface.

Travel Well

Our friends at technical clothing brand ADAY, boutique fitness company Core-Collective and cold-pressed juicery Press-London have offered their industry leading advice below to get you inspired for your next escape. From an in-depth guide on how to truly appreciate where you are, to interviews with cutting edge fitness moguls and health-food innovators, follow the links below and learn more about the art of Travelling Well.

ADAY believe in simplifying life so you have space to dream bigger. Blending minimalist design and cutting edge technical fabrics that allow you to live—and travel—on your own terms. Read their tips on feeling more in-tune with your surroundings here.

Core Collective set a new standard in boutique fitness; pay per session workouts, design-led studios and seasoned instructors - nothing's better to prepare you for your summer escape. Read their tips for staying in shape before, during and after travel here.

Press-London are at the forefront of the cold-pressed juice movement. Read our interview with their co-founder, Ed Foy, and discover how their clean, cold-pressed pick-me-ups can transform your holiday preparation.

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