Black Tomato’s approach to fully customized, tailor-made travel extends to our flexibility in making alterations to your itinerary; beyond our standard terms and conditions, which give you peace of mind and financial security, we go further to work with you to determine the best balance between your need for flexibility and the specific policies of the elements we combine to create the perfect trip.   

When we present you with a quotation, in addition to the deposit terms and payment schedule we will also explain how flexible this itinerary can be. For example: 

  • Could you postpone the trip to another date at no penalty? 
  • Could you opt to change destinations entirely to another country, or a different route within the same country? 
  • Could you cancel the booking entirely and apply the deposit paid as a credit toward a future trip? 

This will change based on the specifics of your trip, but we will always give you transparency around the terms of your specific proposal – for example, a particular safari lodge may require a non-refundable deposit, which would then be forfeited if you decided to stay at an alternative property; or a guide or activity provider might offer fully refundable conditions until a certain number of days before travel. Before you book, you will be clearly presented with terms and conditions for each component to help design an inspiring trip that you are comfortable and secure with. 

We never charge administrative change fees; the cost to postpone or reroute a trip would only go up if you were traveling at a more expensive time of year, upgrading an element that had an associated price increase (for example, a higher airfare or room category), or forfeiting a deposit to a property you no longer wished to visit.  

We pride ourselves on our highly personalized service, and are used to working with clients to make changes to their itineraries up to the moment before departure.   

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your travel arrangements, please contact your Black Tomato Travel Expert, who will be happy to assist or send any question to, an inbox we are constantly monitoring.

Further information

For any further information or FAQs regarding our response during coronavirus please read our Coronavirus update.

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