Take a shot at natural beauty

We often become too caught up in the awe of nature that we rarely ever take time to appreciate it. On this 1.3.5, open your eyes to the artistic beauty of Australia’s landscapes. Take 1 world renowned artist, Antony Gormley, famous for his surreal statues; 3 runways and 5 inspiring photographs to remember an epic journey of a lifetime.

towering over the pinnacles

A well known site in Australia, to really appreciate the Pinnacles you need to see it our way from up above. Board your propeller plane at Perth to take a short flight north to the Nambing National Park.

As you make your descent you’ll find it hard to miss your first photo opportunity, as down below are thousands of eerie rock formations casting long shadow across the golden sand. These are the Pinnacles. We’ll plan your descent so that you’re in perfect timing with the sunset. There’s nothing quite like getting a view from above while the evening sun casts its final rays of life over the rocks. Landing in Cervantes, get a closer look by foot and you’ll feel like you’re standing on Mars with pillars jutting out of the ground and piercing the dusty blue sky. The perfect composition for your next outstanding photograph.

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inside australia

To your next photo shoot, Lake Ballard, where you’ll experience Australia in the most unique way through the eyes of an artist.

The Lake is hardly a lake at all, but a flat slat plain stretching for miles into the horizon, the perfect canvas for any artist if you ask us. And it didn’t take long before the internationally renowned artist, Antony Gormley, installed his unique sculptures entitled ‘Inside Australia’ right here. Land at dawn into the town of Menzies, whose residents modelled for the 51 beautiful steel sculptures scattered on Lake Ballard. Driving to the Lake, be quick to capture the sculptures contrasting with the sun rising into the sky. Then get walking to see each sculpture in the flesh, leaving a trail of your footprints behind, participating with the work as does the sky, sun, heat and rain, leaving your mark ‘Inside Australia’ and taking the photograph to prove it.

archipelagos and pink lakes

Jump back on your plane and fly south to Esperance. A gorgeous coastal town fringed with powdery white sand, Esperance is the set for your next photo. From the shores you have panoramic views of the Recherche Archipelago, a group of hundreds of islands covering 4000 square kilometers, ranging from large islands to mere rocks popping out of the sea. Board a yacht to sail to Woody Island, the only island of the archipelago open to the public, and submerge yourself underwater for a breathtaking scuba dive with a chance to spot dolphins, fur seals and sea lions. Back on mainland, head towards Pink Lake, where an amazing phenomenon caused by algae turns the waters of this Lake pastel pink and sometimes even deep purple. Absolutley phenomenal.

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