Alternative reefs & world-class wine

With coral to rival the Great Barrier Reef, top notch surf instruction, some of the world’s finest wineries, wild west towns, and wildlife to die for, we think you’d be crazy to miss out on the West Coast. It’s top-to-toe full of unbelievable experiences, and with less travelers here than the East, it’s the ideal alternative choice.

penguins and surf: in and around perth

Closer to South East Asia than any other Australian city, Perth certainly has it’s own personality. Recuperate from your journey in The Richardson, our favorite state-of-the-art boutique hotel complete with pillow menus (no less). Explore Perth’s stunning coastline, alive with penguins and sea lions, and swim with dolphins in this vibrant city. Fancy slicing up the Indian Ocean like the skilled surfers around you? We’ll book you in with a first-class tutor: you’ll go from kook to pro in no time.

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sip the good stuff in margaret river

Now it’s time for some top tasting of the vino variety. Hop in your rental car (pre-arranged by us, naturally) and take the scenic drive to Margaret River, home to the country’s most acclaimed vineyards. We will arrange for you to have a private VIP tour of the top wineries to taste award-winning Cabernets and Chardonnays alongside gourmet cuisine. Stay at the luxury boutique Cape Lodge hotel, and to work off all the drinking and feasting (in their award-winning restaurant) try abseiling and rock climbing, or an escorted walk to the jaw-dropping, eerie limestone caves at Yallingup with our knowledgeable guides.

Shark Bay: Western Australia’s best kept secret

Half-way along Western Australia’s incredible coastline is the stunning Shark Bay peninsula and some of the most untouched, hidden beaches in the country. One of only two places in the world where living marine fossils – stromatolites exist, Shark Bay is also home to ten percent of the world’s population of dugong along with 28 species of shark and the legendary tame, yet wild, dolphins of Monkey Mia. Tranquil saltwater lagoons are nestled amongst the red clays and with this corner of Western Australia still very much a hidden gem, the crowds are minimal.

ningaloo reef: wildlife galore

We’ll fly you to the stunning Ningaloo Reef which borders the North West Cape: we love the Great Barrier Reef, but this is a brilliant, lesser known alternative. Between March and early July, Whale sharks swim the warm waters of this untouched coastline, and we insist you join them (dont panic, they don’t eat humans). In fact, we’ll arrange it for you. This is pretty exciting: a helicopter will fly out over the reef to spot the mighty fish, and radio down to your speed boat so you can nip out to their exact spot. Swimming with these giants – up to 14 meters long – is an experience like nothing else on earth and it’s very likely to be the highlight of your bespoke Western Australian adventure.

We love the luxury eco-tents (and they take their eco-friendliness seriously: from solar panels to especially-designed natural bathroom products) of Sal Salis, from where you can walk (or kayak) out to the coral in just minutes from the white sand beach (much closer to your hotel than the corals at the Great Barrier Reef, where you need to take a boat trip), and see fish, turtles and manta rays swim by. Simply unbelievable.

back in broome time

From beaches to the wild west, your last stop is the unique town of Broome and the charming McAlpine House. Broome’s wide, open streets and low rise buildings will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time, and the never-ending beaches, pindan cliffs and turquoise waters remain unblemished by the modern world.

You’ll feel like you’re on the set of a film as you browse pearl stores for locally caught gems, and enjoy the stunning sunset over the Indian Ocean. We adore the outdoor cinema for a 50s experience, and you must head out with our expert guide to learn about the aboriginal culture, before flying back to Perth for your final journey home.

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