Howe to live like a lord

Scuba dive the world’s most southern coral reef, snorkel with green turtles, and sleep in a world heritage listed island known as the last paradise. Where are you? Lord Howe Island, off Australia’s East coast, of course.


Pristine wildlife, dramatic volcanoes (extinct in case you’re wondering) and some of the most exotic scuba diving in the world: Lord Howe island is how we imagine Eden was before the serpent came along. With no mobile front desk or beeping gadgets to distract you, on this island you’ll find just you, the plants and animals, and the clear blue sea. Of course, luxurious accommodations awaits, too. After a short plane hop from Sydney, you’ll be whisked to Lover’s Bay (yes, this is great for honeymoons), and to your room at the elegant Capella lodge. With only 9 rooms, this cutting-edge beach house guarantees snappy service and the most delicious fresh seafood at dinner.

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underwater adventures

When a volcanic area of land dips into clear seas you’re guaranteed one thing: dramatic shelves of underwater seascape perfect for some seriously good scuba diving. Don’t let your jaw drop too much when you approach curtains of multicolored tropical fish, coral and the huge black cod up to 200kgs in weight: you’ll need your regulator to breathe.

With more than 50 dive sites around, we can arrange for you to dive here with any experience level. Our favorite spots are the blue lagoon for colorful corals, Neds beach for giant kingfish, and an area known as the ‘Tenth of June Deep’ where black cod and butterfly fish can be found in huge canyons and tunnels which you can swim through. Feeling adventurous? If you’re a pro diver you’ll love Ball’s Pyramid, a little way offshore, where fishing is severely restricted, meaning all the rare angelfish, rainbow runners and dolphins are left for you. You’ll literally feel like you’re swimming in an aquarium.

beep-free days

Alongside diving, and perhaps a cheeky underwater digital photography course while you’re there, the island is intriguing above the water too. Hire a bike and cycle the 10 mile length of the island, returning on the other coast, just 2 miles away. Hike up Mt Gower to get your bearings from up high, and soothe your weary legs afterwards with a spa treatment at Capella. We can arrange for you to spot rare birds, such as masked boobies (our favorite), shearwater and white bellied storm petral. Never heard of them? That’s because some of the species on the island are almost extinct. And because only 400 visitors are allowed on the island at one time, you’re sure to get unique photos, as everywhere is ‘away from the tourist crowds’. Just the way a ruggedly beautiful remote island should be.

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