Makepeace Island

The world has looked onto this heart-shaped island, thanks to the iconic aerial shot of it sitting enticingly in the Noosa River; but being a private island, you won’t find the world there. Whether you are going solo, with one other or with a group (it can host up to 20 castaways), they only take one booking at a time, so it will be all yours for the duration of your stay. This is the ultimate luxury escape, with the quiet solitude of days on shore as the perfect antidote to the vibrant bustle of life in the surrounding Sunshine Coast.


This exotic idyll is right in the ‘heart’ of the Noosa River, just minutes from Noosa Heads and within easy distance of the Sunshine Coasts northern coastline, which runs up to World Heritage site, Fraser Island. It feels like you are a million miles from urbanity here, but actually, you are just an hour and a half north of Brisbane airport, so getting to this secluded spot is quick and easy.

Your Room

The authentic Balinese design you find here creates the ideal ambience to switch off and rejuvenate. Nestled amid the lush grounds you will discover Bali House, with 4 beautiful bedrooms, 3 luxurious wooden villas, each with 2 beautiful bedrooms, a living area and private deck.

Why we Like it

It’s a private island escape and one of the most romantic getaways you’ll find. You can settle in here and forget about the rest of the world, as they have everything you could wish for on hand. The pool comes in the form of a beautiful lagoon in the center of the island, with a Balinese style ‘relaxation wantilan’ where you can siesta after a big meal. Then there’s the island bar, stocked with every tipple you can imagine. And the tennis courts. And the outdoor cinema. Oh, and it’s Richard Bransons Australian home… so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.

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