The Lair

Sleek, wide, brimming with windows that drink in the stunning views and south Tasmanian sun like nobody’s business, welcome to The Lair. The place looks like an über-luxe ode to Tracy Island, the immaculate whim of a sci-fi fat cat, a mountain eagle posing as a cliff top villa waiting for a glimpse of its prey in the valley below. To put it mildly, this place is utterly breathtaking.


There is nothing natural about The Lair, it looks about as old-fashioned and God-made as an iPad. But sat between 40 acres of pristine forest and Great Oyster Bay, it sticks out less like a sore thumb and more like the perfect architectural gift to the surroundings. You’re just 15kms from Swansea and both Hobart and Launceston are easily reachable if you fancy a day-trip. But take it from us, you probably won’t want to budge an inch, just kick back, relax and take in mile after mile of gorgeous seafront panorama.

Your room

Choose from one of The Lair’s two gloriously appointed suites and either way you’ll be stunned. Understated and elegant, the emphasis throughout is on creating a sense of calm, space and relaxation. Calm and relaxed in the space-aged surrounds, we love dipping into The Lair’s complimentary pantry and you will too. Grab a juicy sirloin and pair it up with an award winning local pinot noir, set up store on the terrace and watch day turn to night over the stunning azure of the ocean.

Why we like it

There’s something about Tasmanian hotels dictating that the sense of drama so palpable in the surroundings is not to stop at the surroundings. The mindblowing boltholes we’ve handpicked are the foremost examples in an exciting development in the burgeoning increase in architect-designed chic retreats – a new wave of hotel that is threatening eventual world domination. And what a beautiful threat it poses.

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