Train rides and outback adventures

Every journey is as important as the destination, and what better way to experience the journey than on a super deluxe train. This 1-3-5 experience takes you on a journey once endured by the Afghans who rode their camels across the continent helping Australia discover and bring supplies through the Red Centre. What took the Afghans days, will only take you three stops on board one luxurious train with five outback adventures.


Board the Ghan in Adelaide and watch in awe as you ride into the rugged rusty red earth of Australia’s deep center and see it gradually give way to the lush green and spectacular mountain ranges of Darwin. Whilst you can do all this from the comforts of your private cabin, there’s nothing quite like getting out there and getting a taste of the contrasting stops of your journey.

outback adventures

On this 2,979km journey, you’ll alight at three stops to explore the best of Australia’s center. First stop, Alice Springs.

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alice springs

Home to cavernous gorges, boundless desert landscapes and lots of outback adventure, Alice Spring is certain to get your heart racing. Stretch your legs by kicking up some dust whilst racing a quad bike across fizzled river beds and narrowly avoiding steep cliff tops. Slow down the pace and connect with the stories of the Afghans by taking to the desert with your very own camel and when the sun dips into the horizon its time to light up the barbie. Forget beef patties and hot dogs, tuck into freshly caught Barramundi, lean Aussie steaks and a cold bottle of VB in hand.

At dawn, watch the sun creep over the MacDonnell Ranges whilst floating above in the sky on an outback balloon safari, scanning the land below for awakening creatures and toasting them good morning with a glass of bubbly in hand.

coober pedy

From Alice, continue on the Ghan train to Coober Pedy. This town is the most unusual place we’ve ever heard of and it’s the very reason why a visit is a must. Largely known as the Opal capital of the world, it’s also home to an subway civilisation that have dug deep to escape the heat.

Definitely an outback experience to remember, descend to the depths for a bit of noodling (that’s opal mining to you and me) and visit subway homes and churches to get a feel of true outback living (or this case, subway living) in the red hot center of Australia.


Finally, before reaching Darwin, jump off at Katherine and see what this place is all about in true Black Tomato style.

Take to the sky in a helicopter and soar through and above the gorge, getting a true sense of how big this gorgeous landscape really is. Then take to the waters for a more personal experience, paddling in a kayak past the towering walls of Katherine before jumping in for a swim. The perfect ending to such an enduring trip across the center of Australia.

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